I was delighted to hear the recent announcement in relation to the opening of a new Indigo Hotel in Dundee.  This significant investment will transform one of Dundee’s mills and will add 96 bedrooms.  I understand that work will commence sometime in 2017 with completion expected in the summer of 2018.  This investment will breathe life into the east end of Dundee and is another welcome example of the rebirth of the City.  This will follow the launch of budget hotel chain Sleeperz to the City, part of the redevelopment at Dundee railway station.  A proposed boutique hotel for customs house and various other hotel investments continue to reinforce Dundee as an up and coming tourist destination.  I also understand that there will be some announcements from Dundee Council in the next few weeks in relation to further projects at the Dundee Waterfront.  It is great to see Dundee continue to go from strength to strength and a very exciting time to work, live and be part of the City.

Lindsay Darroch
Partner – Head of Property 

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