As readers of previous blogs will know, I strongly urge all property sellers to go with agents that have an innovative and forward thinking approach to selling properties.  No matter how busy the market, the days of a Solicitor Estate Agent simply putting a property in their window or on a website and charging an estate agency fee have long gone.  With this in mind, I was delighted that the Blackadders’ Estate Agency Team has come up with another innovative product – the PX-Chainbuster.

39084 PX Chain Buster graphic_smaller cropped

We have created a scheme that allows our clients the ability to offer part exchanges on their property.  Obviously terms and conditions apply but I am confident that this is another product that will assist in relation to keeping the property market moving.  I do think that 2015 will see a heavy reliance on the larger developers coming up with products such as Stamp Duty Schemes and Part Exchange Schemes to assist with the movement of their New Build properties and I am currently  in discussions with a number of nationwide developers regarding these types of schemes.  I feel very positive that we are now able to offer a similar type of part exchange scheme for our independent private clients.

Watch this space for more innovation!

Lindsay Darroch
Partner & Head of Property

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