Scottish Housing News

Following a recent landmark ruling in Dundee it has been warned that property investors could lose their HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) licences if they rent out properties to irresponsible tenants.

Dundee’s licensing committee revoked two HMO Licences after their student occupants ‘plagued and ruined’ the life of a neighbour who lived in a property on the city’s Seafield Road under the two flats in question.

The tenants were the subject of at least forty police call-outs and were responsible for flooding of the neighbouring flat on three occasions. This affected the neighbour’s health and also caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to his property. The agent for the two flats had however argued that any damage was quickly repaired and that potential tenants always went through an extensive vetting process. Further he was not aware of any problems at this property.

As a result of these actions the HMOs were revoked at a recent meeting of Dundee City Council’s licensing committee.  I am sure that this verdict will send out a strong message to other HMO operators in Scotland in future.

Nicola McCafferty
Senior Solicitor – Commercial Property

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