Come Fly With Me

As readers of my blog will know, I am a passionate advocate for the city of Dundee and I am excited by the regeneration of the city and the waterfront development which includes Malmaison, the V&A and the redevelopment of the railway station. Dundee provides easy access to Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow and should position itself as the regional hub for Scotland.  For the regional hub concept to work and for Dundee to take full advantage of the extra visitors which could be generated on the back of the waterfront development, it is vital that the city continues to operate an airport. I have been following the recent discussions regarding Dundee airport and I would urge Scottish and local government to redevelop Leuchars airbase and make it an international airport. This to me would be an obvious next piece of the jigsaw and would have a huge impact on the local economy and the local housing market.  Let’s start the campaign now.

Lindsay Darroch 
Partner & Head of Property 

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