4 thoughts on “Properties available at Auction on 26th June, 10.30am, Apex Hotel, Dundee”

  1. Hi good morning, this is Ashraf Hussain, could I get a chance to join property action bidding or do I need a confirmation letter to join? May I have dates in dundee property action this year, thanks.

    Md Ashraf Hussain

  2. We have sold and missives concluded, how do we purchase at auction if our funds are not through until 26/7/12. We are interested in a couple of properties.
    Thank You
    Sheena Hannaway

    1. Sheena
      we are trying to make the auction as buyer friendly as possible. Basically if you are successful on the day you will be asked to pay a £1000 non returnable deposit but apart from that it is not binding on the purchaser. The purchase process will thereafter start in the normal way with your solicitor submitting an offer and matters progressing towards an agreed date of entry.
      Hope this helps and any other queries please feel free to call
      Lindsay Darroch

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