Property Market Update

Despite my efforts to have an update every month and I am now conscious that we are at the start of March and you have not yet an update.  Whilst I apologise for this I am very pleased to advise it has been caused by a huge surge in activity in the Blackadders Property Team since the start of 2012.  In general my figures indicate that there is still an east/west divide with the East of Scotland performing much stronger that the West Coast, in particular Glasgow.  Overall the trend seems to be for an increase in properties coming on the market and a corresponding increase in activity with purchasers.  This is a good sign.  There is still a problem for first time buyers and with the budget fast approaching I hope that the Chancellor uses his budget to put in place a fund to assist first time buyers.  I am also hopeful that the Scottish Government will likewise take steps to help first time buyers.  My view of the market indicates that the number of first time buyers continues to drop and is still well below levels required to have a healthy property market.

Overall my feeling is that for the first two months sentiment has been improving and that in general there is more demand.  I am still sticking to my January predictions for 2012 that from the summer this year we will start seeing sustained improvement in the housing market.

From a Blackadders point of view I am pleased to advise that listings and under offers for the first two months of 2012 have exceeded targets and are way above levels seen in the corresponding months in 2011.  Our mobile team continues to grow and develop and list properties throughout the whole of Scotland.  Our unique proactive and innovative approach to the property market continues to win us plaudits and increase our market share and I am confident that this will be a long term trend.

I will continue to keep you advised of the market and I am sure that the March overview will be equally as positive.

Lindsay Darroch


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