Mortgage Indemnity Seeking to Launch for First Time Buyers

The Scottish Government is to support a mortgage indemnity scheme for first time buyers of new homes. It is working closely with New Homes Trade Body Homes for Scotland and has given them £250,000 to enable it to work with lenders and builders on the scheme. As readers of previous blogs will know I have been campaigning long and hard for more help to be given to first time buyers. With the number of first time buyer transactions at approximately 15% of overall market and with a healthy market requiring 40% of first time buyers the benefits to the Scottish housing market in particular and the Scottish economy in general are clear for all. While I think that the devil will be in the detail I do applaud the Scottish Government in coming up with innovative solutions to assist the first time buyer. I would reiterate previous calls:-

  1. Scrap the Home Report
  2. Tax breaks for property investors and also developers
  3. More assistance and funding for Housing Associations
  4. More help for first time buyers

I will continue to keep you advised of this scheme and any other when more details become available.

Lindsay Darroch
Head of Property

Blackadders’ Property Doctor

This week marked the launch of our new project – Blackadders’ Property Doctor.  We are of the view that some potential sellers are reluctant to put their house on the market as they are slightly worried about selling and unsure of the process.  We are frequently complimented on our honest and dedicated approach to property sales in terms of advice to clients regarding décor, etc.  In light of this we have launched Blackadders’ Property Doctor which gives those thinking about selling or perhaps even those people who are already on the market with another agent but who feel they are not getting the benefit of experience and innovation, to call upon the services of the Blackadders’ Property Doctor for advice about selling their property.  Our hope is that this will ensure that properties are correctly presented for market which will lead to an increase in activity which benefits everyone.

For the month of July this service is free and should you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Blackadders Property Team on 01382 342222.  I attach a copy of the original flyer for your information.