Blackadders launch Home Move Box

Here at Blackadders, we are always keen to come up with innovative and different ways to assist our clients. At a recent Property Conference, I was introduced to the team behind the Home Move Box and Blackadders have now signed up and I understand that we are one of the first Solicitors in Scotland to sign up to this Scheme. The Home Move Box is completely free and contains everyday basic items to get home movers up and running such as tea, coffee, milk and various cleaning products. The box also includes discounts and offers selected specifically for home movers including special offers from Virgin Media and British Gas to name but a few. We launched this Scheme in June and have already had positive feedback from our clients. We will keep striving to give our clients something extra. The picture attached shows me with the Home Box!

Lindsay Darroch
Head of Property Services

One thought on “Blackadders launch Home Move Box”

  1. If only we’d known…we’d have waited a few months before completing!!! Sounds a lovely thing for home movers!

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