V & A Dundee: an opportunity too good to miss

As someone who passionately believes in the City of Dundee, I was delighted to attend the V & A Exhibition at the University of Abertay.   If you have not already attended I would strongly recommend that you do.  At the exhibition you can see the six iconic designs that are proposed for the new V & A, both in model form and with 3D vision.  There is also a write-up about each proposal and at the end you get an opportunity to vote for your preferred choice.  I will not say which one I voted for but would say that I definitely agreed with the majority opinion.

Speaking to someone from the City of Dundee Council it is amazing to hear the economic benefits that will be brought to the city should the V & A go ahead.  This benefit is both in terms of profile, attracting further investment and a huge increase in visitor numbers.

I think that the V & A is an exciting proposition for anyone in Scotland and in particular Dundonians, especially people who are running their own business in the city.   I also think that without a doubt there will be knock-on effect in the local property market with increased employment and the potential for an increase in tenant numbers.

I would urge everyone to get behind this proposal and support the campaign to bring the V & A to the City of Dundee.

Lindsay Darroch
Head of Property Services

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