The future of estate agency: part 2

The previous post on the future of estate agency has caused a few people to ask me what I would recommend that they look for when choosing an estate agent.  The first thing I would stress is that cheapest is not always best.  Make sure that you get a written estimate of fees and outlays so that you are able to make sure that you are comparing apples with apples.  Once you have had a written estimate I would then recommend that you get three agents out to your property and ask them what price you are likely to achieve for your property and their overview of the property market. 

Find out about their available marketing options, and ask to see samples of schedules and photographs.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs I do think that technology plays an important part in selling and when speaking to the agent you should ask them about the technical data that they can provide you with (for example, the number of times a property has been viewed online).  Before making your final decision, have a look at the agent’s website whilst imagining yourself as a prospective purchaser, a site which is clear and easy to use is vital.

It is always good to take recommendations from friends and acquaintances and if it is a solicitor based estate agency and you have already had dealings with a solicitor in the practice then it is always a good idea to be introduced to the solicitor that would be looking after you.

Whilst I would always recommend Blackadders Property Services, I think that if the above rules are followed then you should manage to ensure that you achieve the maximum price for your property – which is ultimately what you are hoping to do!

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