The future of estate agency

I deal with property transactions throughout Scotland and I’m always interested to see the differing approaches by agents in terms of receiving offers.   This approach differs from area to area, agent to agent and the most marked difference is between the solicitor estate agents that I deal with and independent estate agents.  Whilst the purpose of this blog is not to criticise independent estate agents, the Scottish Government is continuing to carry on its campaign against solicitor estate agents for whatever reason.  I think it is astounding that the Scottish Government continue to attack and are looking to replace highly regulated solicitor estate agents who have professional indemnity insurance, are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and work to professional rules of conduct such as conflict of interest, respect of another agent’s client and replace this with an unregulated, unmonitored body of estate agents. 

Surely the first thing that should be done is to regulate the independent estate agents and put in place a regulatory body and other rules so that the consumer is protected and everyone is playing off a level playing field.

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