Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

I was interested but not surprised to see the recent survey from Barnardo’s regarding the number of people in the UK that do not have Wills. Whilst it is very important for all adults to have Wills, this is particularly important if you own your own property. Having a Will in all cases makes it easier to deal with your estate but the Will can also be used to protect children by setting up Trusts for them and also by stating who you would wish appointed to become the Guardian of your children should anything happen to both parents. The Will should also be discussed with a view to looking at what provisions could be incorporated in respect of long term care.

All in all having a Will is very important and something that nobody should put off. As an aside, if you are going to speak to your Lawyer regarding making a Will you should also raise the question of a Power of Attorney.

Perhaps as has been the case with such things as Organ Donor cards, the next Government should run a public service campaign encouraging all adults in the UK to make a Will and preferably a Power of Attorney also.

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